AOC Action Figure


Call Me a Radical

Just a couple of years ago, AOC was an anonymous 20-something, waiting tables and tending bars in New York City. Now, she's the youngest woman to ever serve in Congress, a leading voice in the Democratic party and, yes, an action figure.

The Art Part

The AOC Action Figure was carefully sculpted by our good friend Mike Leavitt, a Seattle-based artist and activist. Like Mike's fine art pieces, the figures are one part product and one part social commentary, exploring who we idolize in contemporary culture and how we do it. 

The Details

  • 6" Tall
  • Picture perfect. Stands on any flat surface and can be posed for any occasion.
  • Ages 14+

Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
Love her!

AOC is a great addition to my collection. Thanks!

I love these. I want more!

These are perfect with my political collection. They are very well made. I have encouraged them to make more; Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a Hillary and Bill set with her wearing the white outfit she wore the night she made history accepting the Democratic Nomination for POTUS. Other ideas, Harriet Tubman, M.L.K., Bobby and John Kennedy, Sojourner Truth, Fanny Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, etc. I hope they can expand their work... think big! I would recommend these figures to anyone who loves Democratic politics and civil rights.


This was a gift for my granddaughter...she loves it!

AOC! Muy Bueno!

First, she's wearing the white clothes so many women wore to celebrate the passage of the 19th amendment - love! FCTRY sends me the heroes & sheroes who will are working, or worked, to make a better America for my nieces & nephews and their children. I love having them around the house & will start giving the "greats" their own figures when they're old enough.

A her/o for the young & young at heart

I was a little late to the party, so some of the figures were sold out. I was glad to get this one and a good number of the others. AOC seems the least on point in terms of facial features, but she is still recognizable. And unmistakable when paired with Bernie & Warren. I look forward to being able to get some of the ones that I haven't. And to the time when FCTRY releases a Mayor Pete & a Stacey Abrams!

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