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RBG Action Figure


Over the course of her life and now legendary career RBG transcended her role as Supreme Court Justice to become one of America’s great progressive icons – loved by millions not just for what she did but for who she was and how she lived.

Recognizing this, in 2018, we launched the RBG Action Figure on Kickstarter. With the help of tens of thousands of fans, she became our most popular action figure ever (we place that closer to the end of her ridiculously impressive list of accomplishments). RIP RBG, we miss you.


The RBG Action Figure was carefully sculpted by our good friend Mike Leavitt, a Seattle-based artist and activist. Like Mike's fine art pieces, the figures are one part product and one part social commentary, exploring who we idolize in contemporary culture and how we do it.


  • 6” tall. The RBG Action Figure is the perfect size for every occasion. She comes ready to display on your desk or bring out on adventures!
  • Picture perfect. RBG comes ready for the camera with a picture-perfect expression, stands on any flat surface, and can be posed for any occasion.
  • Open the box! No need to worry about whether or not to open the packaging. We've designed it to ensure that you can easily take your figure in and out of the display box while maintaining its mint condition.
  • Ages 14+

Customer Reviews

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C Pass
Great background for zoom calls

I have six Action Figures including RBG. I have them displayed on a shelf behind me. They are a great zoom call background. Countless people have asked where I bought them. Have purchased many RBGs and FAUCIs and sent them to clients who have commented on them.

James Hutson
Bookshelf Decor

Absolutely love my RBG, which I use as a kind of bookshelf amenity. Admittedly, I’m kind of a FCTRY addict at this point. I have everyone but OAC (just haven’t moved that left yet …). I’ve included Dr. Fauci for good measure. These are awesome.

Edie O

RGB.... she witnessed so much. If I could ask her, I wonder if she's list Trump's stint in the White House as the most surreal time in our Nation's history. Our history is crazy, sad, evil, triumphant... whatever, but it is real. And all we can do to accept truths will only help us grow stronger. The denials met by that idiotic wannabe king with a combover as a crown are atrocious. I'm sorry RGB passed away when she did, but grateful for her existence and for her voice.
I am happy I was able to add Fctry's statuette of Justice Ginsberg to my superhero collection.

I tried to get her during the first distribution but I was late to the game. Thank you for making more.

Anne Dickson

RBG Action Figure


RBG is my newest fountain pen holder!

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