Kamala Harris Action Figure
Kamala Harris Action Figure
Kamala Harris Action Figure

Kamala Harris Action Figure


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As goes California, so goes the nation...

Like it or not, you've got to admit that California's got a knack for figuring things out a little bit before the rest of us. From big things like computers to smaller (but no less miraculous!) things like avocado toast, California always seems to be one game-changing step ahead. Speaking of which...

Have you heard about Kamala Harris? In the last few years the Junior Senator from the Golden State has exploded like a meteor onto the national stage with her bold voice, fresh ideas and... a name most people still don't know how to pronounce.

Something tells us that pretty soon everyone will know her name.* But is she going to be the one who takes down Trump? We wouldn't bet against her. In fact, we think Kamala Harris might just be the next political supernova!

And that's why we've turned her into an Action Figure.

You’re right, we’re doing things differently.

You’ve probably seen us use Kickstarter to crowdfund our Action Figures in the past. Last year, we raised more than $600,000 on Kickstarter to fund our Ruth Bader Ginsburg Action Figure. With the help of our backers, we got the resources to develop a bunch of new Action Figures and Kamala was at the top of our list.

What does this mean for you? It’s great news! Because she’s already in production, if you place an order now, you’re guaranteed to get your very own Kamala Harris Action Figure in early summer, 2019.

Art without compromise.

To recreate Kamala’s likeness, we teamed up with our favorite sculptor Mike Leavitt. He's the caricaturist behind our RBG, Robert Mueller, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and – yes – Evil Trump Action Figures. We actually went through two rounds of design to make sure Kamala’s relentless energy came through in the finished product.

Just the Facts

  • Six inches tall. The Kamala Harris Action Figure is a perfect size for all uses; whether you want to keep her on your desk for all to see, or bring her to your next Senate hearing.
  • Picture perfect. You’re going to want to take pictures of her, so we designed the Kamala Harris Action Figure with that in mind. She stands on any flat surface, and her commanding expression makes her ready for any photo opportunities.
  • Open the box. No need to worry about whether or not to open the packaging. We've designed the display box to ensure you can easily take the figure in and out without ruining its condition.

You've got questions. We've got answers.

*Q: So, how do you pronounce Kamala Harris?!

A:  Kamala is pronounced like the word "comma" with a "la" on the end. (KAH-mah-lah). And you know how to pronounce Harris.

Q: Is the Kamala Harris Action Figure shipping now?
A: No. Our first shipments will be going out at the end of June of 2019. This is a pre-order.

Q: How can I trust you guys to deliver?
A: We're a Google Trusted Store. They trust us so much, they'll guarantee your order up to $1000! Look here.

Q: If I order now, will you charge my credit card?
A: Yes.

Q: What if I change my mind?
A: We'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Q: What if I want to adjust my order before my Kamala Harris Action Figure ships?
A: No problem! Please fill out this form to get in touch with us about changing your order.

Q: What if I ordered other products with Kamala Harris?
A: Your order will ship complete at the end of June 2019. Orders cannot be broken into separate shipments.

Q: Is the Kamala Harris Action Figure eligible for free shipping?
A: Yes, but only if you spend more than $25.

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