Joe Biden Action Figure
Joe Biden Action Figure
Joe Biden Action Figure

Joe Biden Action Figure


Hey, Joe!

So folks, here’s the deal: For the time being, we’re stuck with Donald Trump. And sometimes it feels like no amount of ice cream could ever make up for the mess he’s made. But, like you, we remember that there were better times not so long ago – and Joe Biden was a big part of that.

Sure, he’s a bit of a goofball at times, but let’s stick to the facts. Joe Biden is fueled by ice cream, has Barack Obama on speed-dial, and might just be our best chance at crushing that orange dum-dum once and for all.

And that’s why we’ve turned him into an action figure.

Ready For The Big League

Our Joe Biden Action Figure is fully equipped to take on Big Orange.


Designed In America

The Joe Biden Action Figure was carefully sculpted by our good friend Mike Leavitt—a real, blue-collar artist from the small town of Seattle, Washington. Mike’s not some corporate billionaire with a private jet who’s trying to oppress the little guy. He’s been helping us make little guys (and gals!) like Obama and RBG, who have inspired folks young and old.



Folks, He's Ready

In the past, we’ve done pre-orders. But we understand that these days we can’t waste any time in bringing down the Cheeto-in-Chief. 

So when you order Joe, he’ll be shipped to you right away. Whether Joe’s your new sidekick or is joining his buddy Barack or arch-rival Trump, we know you’re going to love him.

Just the Facts

  • Six inches tall. The Joe Biden Action Figure is the perfect size for all uses—whether you want to keep him on your desk for all to see, or take him to your favorite buddy comedy.
  • Picture perfect. You’re going to want to take pictures of him, so we designed the Joe Biden Action Figure with that in mind. He stands on any flat surface, and his bright expression makes him ready for all photo opportunities.
  • Open the box. No need to worry about whether or not to open the packaging. We've designed the display box to ensure you can easily take the figure in and out without ruining its condition.


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Same ol' Joe

I've got the whole set! They're all great

You Know Joe!

His smiley face, he takes his place, with Kimela, Elizbeth and HRC
The Orange Trump, he plans to dump
And the Nation will explode with Glee.

Uncle Joe

Striking image of Joe. Loved adding him to my collection.


Great addition to the crew! I'd love to see Jimmy Carter pop up here some day.


I think ‘Uncle Joe’ is great!!! I have each of the political figures and they’re ALL great! I can’t wait for the next addition!

I would have liked to have received two pairs of sunglasses with Joe! One for Joe and one for Barak! 😎😎
Keep up the great work! ♥️✌🏼