Billie Jean King Action Figure


Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Billie Jean King is the definition of a changemaker. Throughout her life, BJK’s mission has always been the same: to fight injustice and use her voice for good. That’s why we’ve turned her into an action figure.

P.S. you might have noticed that we’ve made her with multi-jointed arms. Because what’s the use of having a tiny tennis all-star if you can’t recreate her signature backhand?

Fighting For A Cause

Let’s take a page from BJK’s book and create real change together. For every BJK Action Figure you buy, we’ll donate 5% of sales to the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative — a non-profit founded by BJK and her partner Ilana Kloss that works to promote equality in the workplace.

The Art Part

The BJK Action Figure was carefully sculpted by our good friend Mike Leavitt, a Seattle-based artist and activist. Like Mike's fine art pieces, the figures are one part product and one part social commentary, exploring who we idolize in contemporary culture and how we do it.

The Details:

  • 6" Tall
  • Multi-jointed Arms
  • Picture perfect. Stands on any flat surface and can be posed for any occasion.
  • Ages 3+

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 62 reviews
    Totally cool !

    Love that I get to add one more fun iconic action figure to my collection. FCTRY has never disappointed us . Happy to be supporting such a great company . This is it my first purchase with these guys and definitely will not be my last .

    andrew hoffman
    Go Billie Jean King!

    Billie Jean is an icon and awesome to have such a strikingly realistic action figure of her :) Love it!!!!

    Caro de K
    Overhead Smash

    I remember watching the Battle of the Sexes. Played tennis as a kid... pretended to be a ball retriever by dashing from one wall to another. She's enriched a lot of lives & it's fun having her action figure around.

    Chuck Mauceri

    Awesome figure!! Proud to add it to ky collection!!

    Ann Dirksen

    Gave this to my friend. She loooved it. She’s a true child of the 70’s, Billie Jean was a hero!

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