Robert Mueller Action Figure
Robert Mueller Action Figure
Robert Mueller Action Figure

Robert Mueller Action Figure


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It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over. What Else Have You Got Up Your Sleeve, Robert Mueller?

Ever get the sensation we're living inside of an epic work of fiction? There's an obvious comic book villain who seems hell-bent on destroying the world, and a whole cast of eccentric bad guys with nefarious motives linked together through a mind-bogglingly complex set of plots and subplots...

And then there's... Robert Mueller.

For a while there, it felt like the Special Counsel was the last thing standing between us and utter chaos. In fact, it was almost impossible to dream up a more perfect foil to Donald Trump: he was the Batman to Trump's Joker; the Ness to Trump's Capone; the Bond to, well, every Bond villain. Basically, Robert Mueller was (and still is) the anti-Trump – that's why we turned him into an Action Figure.  

And while the initial report summary didn’t quite live up to our hopes, it ain’t over till it’s over.






Top Secret

We usually crowdfund our Action Figures via Kickstarter but due to National Security concerns we felt compelled to start production on the Mueller Action Figure behind closed doors. 

That's actually good news for the general public because it means the he is already in development.  So, if you place an order you’re guaranteed to get your very own Mueller Action Figure in early summer 2019. 

Artistic Integrity

To downsize the special counsel we teamed up, once again, with our favorite sculptor, Mike Leavitt. He's the caricaturist behind our RBG, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and - yes - Evil Trump Action Figures. Robert Mueller is known for being meticulous in his attention to detail and Mike followed his example on this project, as you can see below.


Just the Facts

  • Six inches tall. The Robert Mueller Action Figure is a perfect size for all uses; whether you want to keep Mueller on your desk for all to see, or bring him in on your next investigation.

  • Picture perfect. You’re going to want to take pictures of him, so we designed the Robert Mueller Action Figure with that in mind. He stands on any flat surface, and his stoic expression makes him ready for any photo opportunities.

  • Open the box. No need to worry about whether or not to open the packaging. We've designed the display box to ensure you can easily take the figure in and out without ruining its condition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Mueller a hit!

Another great action figure! The Robert Mueller figure is really detailed, just like his Mueller report! Nice job everyone!

so slow

quit asking me to review something i still dont have

True to life

I was awestruck when I took Bob out of his box to join with Bernie, Elizabeth, and Barack. He is so realistic! Great quality as always.

True to life

Looks like the real thing. I look forward to my future children growing up playing with Bob and then learning about their favorite action figure in history class.

Just like the real thing

Stands there and does nothing, but looks great doing it. He'll probably live in the box for the rest of his days, not unlike his human replicant, but it's a beautiful specimen, even if it's useless. Would do it all again, but hope for a better outcome next time. A classic case on my part of "hope over experience." 5-stars