eCommerce Coordinator



FCTRY is a Brooklyn-based product design studio with start-up vibes and a unique company culture. We’re serious, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our motto, Make it Fun, is exactly what we do. We turn ideas into products; weird and wonderful products that people go crazy for. Heard of Unicorn Snot? That’s us. The RBG Action Figure? Also us.

We’re run by a small, talented team of designers, artists and writers who combine top-notch design with innovative marketing strategies to create compelling consumer products then build fun, vibrant cult brands around them. This has led to some pretty impressive results, and as a result we’re growing too fast for our own good.


That’s where you come in.  We are looking for an up-and-coming ecomm all-star with solid fundamentals and a growth hacker mindset – someone who dreams at night about things like conversion funnels, Facebook ads, drip campaigns, and CTAs. You will be capitalizing on online sales trends, trying the latest marketing strategies, and brainstorming new ways to generate traffic or convert our existing audiences more effectively. You pride yourself on your ability to generate results - and measure them.


Even though you’ve got an entrepreneurial soul, you also have a deep appreciation for the value and magic of teamwork. We’re simultaneously scaling successful brands that are already sold all over the world, while creating new ones too. It can be a lot. Luckily, you’ll be working alongside some exceptionally dedicated designers and marketers and supported by a fantastic sales and operations team to boot.


Had you been with us last month, you would have:


  • Strategized and executed  the follow-up marketing on a Kickstarter campaign that brought in $600k from over 16,000 super-passionate backers
  • Led the buildout and launch, of a brand new Shopify store for Brooklyn-inspired baby accessories
  • Launched and scaled a $2000/day Facebook ads campaign, while A/B testing copy and ad images/video for maximum click-through and conversion.
  • Devised entertaining and effective 3-email welcome sequences for those for three different brands
  • Built a dedicated landing page to capture leads for a new line of baby sunglasses we just launched
  • Created Google Analytics reporting dashboards to track performance across our 4 ecommerce sites and presented them to our CEO
  • Played cornhole at Pig Beach – in the rain, covered in glitter


Are you our perfect eCommerce Coordinator? Let’s see. You would (ideally):

  • Have 2+ years experience in ecommerce – you should be familiar with most best practices and keep up with industry trends. You probably have a favorite ecommerce-centric podcast.
  • Have experience with driving and converting paid traffic through Facebook Ads campaigns. Experience with other  ad platforms is a plus
  • Be able to get your hands dirty and hack on HTML and CSS here and there, if needed.
  • Enjoy working independently and thrive when given freedom and flexibility. You communicate well and don’t need your hand held.
  • Love of learning. You’re going to be expected to keep up with the cutting edge of digital marketing, which means you need to always be a student.