Vote For Your Favorite Photo of the RBG Action Figure

To mark the successful delivery of our first shipment of RBG Action Figures,* we ran an Instagram contest to find the best photo of our little Justice, tagged #NotoriousAF (get it?). We received more than 700 entries from RBG fans all over the world, so the FCTRY team got together to do the difficult task of choosing our top 10 photos.

In the spirit of democracy, we want YOU to vote for your favorite. The lucky winner will receive a full set of Real Life Action FiguresCheck out the top 10 photos below, and scroll to the bottom to vote for your favorite.

*For those of you who ordered your RBG after the first shipment, be on the lookout for her to arrive soon. Shipping begins next week!

@selgear’s RBG Mosh Pit 


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#notoriousaf #rbgmoshpit

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@robrobrobyeah’s Fearless Girl


@astronautof’s Baby RBG


@akittycalledruth’s Purrrfect Playmate


@tainaconcurls’ Justice Flakes


@pake50’s Beach Walk


@gaelen’s Dissent Dogs


@ape_owl’s Supreme Stance


Decided on your favorite? Click the button below to vote! Voting closes Wednesday 11/21/18.

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