An Instagram History of The RBG Action Figure

Today would have been RBG's 88th Birthday. To mark the occasion, we decided to put to together a people's history of sorts, documenting our unique relationship to her, as seen through the lens of social media.

As you'll see below, what starts as our story quickly becomes everyone's story. As the RBG phenomenon swept the country, we were just along for the ride with you, witnessing history - and a legend - in the making.


It started with a conversation. Which led to a sketch...

Which led to a sculpture...


By Spring of 2018, we knew the project was a go and we had already begun setting up a Kickstarter campaign for it.

We began teasing it out to test the waters. 

We launched the Kickstarter campaign in June and it shot straight up to the #1 spot on their charts. Clearly, something special was happening.

 While the Kickstarter campaign was still running, this happened.

Through a totally unpredictable twist of fate, RBG literally became the very first person to own an RBG Action Figure when a friend of ours had the opportunity to gift her a production sample at an event she was attending.

Her words, "I'm going to keep it on my mantle".



The Kickstarter campaign came to an end, with over 15,000 people backing the project.


By December, we'd fulfilled all of the Kickstarter orders and RBG Action Figures started showing up on store shelves all over the country.


Meanwhile, fan photos, like these started popping up as people got a hold of their figures. (These are just some of the very best ones... there are hundreds more like this!)


By the time the holidays com, RBG is showing up under Christmas trees. 

These pics are everything for us. Remember, this is all happening right at the halfway point of Trump's presidency. People needed something to feel good about right then and RBG was that thing.


By now, the action figure was just part of the Zeitgeist and we see it popping up all over the place.


She even made an improbable appearance on the red carpet at the Oscars!


She protested. 


She partied.


She worked.


And then, 2020 happened. 

The pictures say it all. The figure unexpectedly took on a new role in helping people mourn. 


The year is still young. We'll see what it has in store.

One thing that's clear already is that people are not forgetting about her and moving on. She has become a symbol for so much, to so many, and it seems like that will probably never change.

We were witnessing the birth of a legend over the last few years.


To this day, the RBG Action Figure continues to be our best-selling item.


I have always admired RBG and her civil rights work. I love that we share the same birthday and can celebrate with my RBG action figure. Thanks for meaningful action figures FCTRY. Long my RBG be remembered!

Jessi October 05, 2022

I had the absolute pleasure meeting Justice RBG in Washington DC in a tribute to her and book signing. Her sense of humor and candid comments were just delightful. She was strength, wisdom, humor and grace all in one amazing woman. I have several reminders of her but by far my favorite is her FCTRY figure who nailed her likeness and grit! Thank you for capturing RBG’s image so we never forget her ♥️

Kathleen October 05, 2022

RGB was gleefully my first. I have since added Kamala, Barack, AOC, President Biden, and await my pre-order of Dr. Fauci. I adore them all but now have a BIG wish for a true hero of mine: Deb Haaland, confirmed this week as Interior Secretary. Such a concept, enit? An actual Native American in charge of our lands. Whatcha think?

I love your work. Thanks.

Michele Selene October 05, 2022

I don’t know how many I’ve gifted to friends and family. Everyone is delighted to be working and living under her wise gaze. I’m so glad to know she was given one. May she remain in our minds and hearts forever. Let’s now kick some voter suppression ass in her name!!!

Can’t wait for Dr. Fauci to arrive!

Robin Brenner October 05, 2022

We miss your bad ass, Queen RGB! I greedily wish we had you hear longer. Not many people on the planet at once like you.. thanks for my sick action figure she is BEAUTIFUL and chills with Bernard on our mantle, total conicidents.. :) love HER!

Carrie October 05, 2022

When my RBG seemed a little wobbly and took one too many spills, my friend built her a pedestal—which seemed entirely right. It’s functional rather than glamorous: he used the cap from an empty spice container. What spice, you ask? Why, sage, of course!

Tricia March 16, 2021

Love RGB – she keeps me company on my home work desk. But her gavel fell into the abyss – how can I get a new gavel?

Debbie March 16, 2021

I want one. I still wear her ‘consent collar’ whenever I step outside of my house ….. which has not been many times since the orange one ignored the COVID one.
I have been follower her since I can remember. Although she was a strong role model for women, she believe in equality for all.
ps. If you EVER make one for Trump, I will never purchase anything else from you. Between what I have purchased and what has been given to me as gifts I have many.

Korkie Moore-Bruno March 16, 2021

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful heroine!! I was part of the original Kickstarter and am so proud. The world lost such a gem 😖 I have her hanging on my wall next to HRC, Joe, and Kamala.

Bailey March 16, 2021

Where’s Dr. Fauci?

Lisa March 15, 2021

This campaign is the most inspiring physical event I have ever experienced.

JoAnn Noonan March 15, 2021

Loved seeing this history and particularly learning that RBG received the first figure! And loved it!

Susan March 15, 2021

Love this story. Thanks.

Judith Johnson March 15, 2021

RBG will always be a legend. To honor her, it would be great if you felt moved to donate a percentage of all her future sales to a cause she fought for in life…there are many to choose from.

Treeza Fernandez March 15, 2021

I love RGB and her feistiness! Always humble and still her strength came thru with her written words. Thank you RGB for all you have done for women. Thank you FCTRY for building a beautiful figure for us all. N💜

NONA J MCKEEVER March 15, 2021

I have carried Ruth with me during my walks around my neighborhood here in Louisville and have photographed her in different places. And now have a small book with the photos. She’s such an inspiration.

Marcelle Gianelloni March 15, 2021

When it was time to vote, I pulled out my RBG and placed my mini McDonald’s donkey and elephant as a centerpiece. Loved and miss her wisdom and wit.

Dorothy Inks March 15, 2021


lu hileman March 15, 2021

I lost her gavel!! Will there be an RGB accessory collection?

Jennifer Tetnowski March 15, 2021

I fell I love with RBG, the person, then fell in love with the action figure. She looks down on me from the top shelf of the bookcase across from my desk and constantly inspires. So much so, that I bought one for each of my adult daughters. When in doubt, do as Ruth would have done.

Dr. Ann Hitt March 15, 2021

You should make a book of the photos! I dressed as Ruth at Halloween and used the tattoos. I was a hit at my Aqua aerobics class!

Robin Warshay March 15, 2021

My heroine!!! Her wisdom will be sorely missed. I sure she and her beloved Marty are celebrating with the angels…

Ruth March 15, 2021

What a great way to celebrate RBG’s birthday! My RBG has stayed in her box alongside Joe, Kamala, and Barack. Your post makes me think she needs to get out more…

William Bolick March 15, 2021

Great herstory!!! Thanx.
Love RBG and Kamala and AOC and friends…action figures with meaning.
Peace ✌ out.

Elena M DiLapi March 15, 2021

Loved the opportunity to shareRBG with my nieces and grandkids

Bambi March 15, 2021

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