Who's Fooling Who Here?

Who's Fooling Who Here?

So, on Monday we unveiled our big new product launch... a duo of dictators, featuring Putin and Kim Jong Un Action Figures. Mind you, it wasn't just any old Monday. It was Monday, April 1.

You see where this is headed, right? Those who made it to the very end of the (oddly obtuse) purchase process were hit with the the following message: 


But our fans - never ones to take things lying down - pulled a little April Fool's judo on us and started filling up the reviews section on our imaginary product page with the most hilariously animated/disgruntled/enthusiastic reviews we've ever seen.

Rather than tell you, we're just gonna show you. We've embedded the actual reviews down below for your enjoyment.

You'll notice there's a strong recurrent theme...

It seems like people really want us to make these guys. 


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I refused to buy the Trump one, even though my cousin said she was going to have all the other action figures do bad things to hers! I really don't want the "baddies", I have all I can take of them in the real world. I've been patiently (ok maybe not so patiently) waiting and waiting for more "goodies". We need to get Michele Obama, Gretchen Whitmer, Pete Buttigieg, Jill Biden, etc…etc..


When you make the villains give customers the option to pay double so half may go to charity. Each villain could represent a specific charity (ex. Villain Putin funds Ukraine charity). Customers who don’t want to pay for EVIL may change their mind for charity; like me.


I do hope you are just April Fooling us and intend to make these 2 bad dudes. You’ve got my money, if so. Terrific idea on Fctry’s part!


My thoughts? I underdstand your business is to make money. However I would not glorify this scumb with honorable likenesses. Make them a little more humiliating please. But I still don’t want one. Perhaps make them all in a Daisey Chain.


Someone mentioned also, Taylor Swift, How about the EPIC Dolly Parton. Composer, Musician, Singer… she has it all! Beyoncé also has incredible range of music genre's and performance/Creation chops! .


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Customer Reviews

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Sharyn Syre

Yesss!! I must have these! The possibilities are endless!! In these photos, Fauci finds a deadly pathogen in tRump’s hair! tRump responds with a flash of the “bird”. Fauci announces the Covid Pandemic is under control. We did it together through vaccination, masking and social distancing (despite a large swath of the population distrusting these measures and thwarting them at all costs)

Seriously, this is the only thing to keep me from banging my head against a wall! They are great stress-relievers!

Teresa Merritt-watkins
P and K Figures

I NEED THESE!!!! Please make them. I have to have them for my collection!!! OMG how funny!!!!

Teresa Rawson
Please, oh PLEASE!

Oh my god…I love these! Please make them. I would pay ahead!!!

Rogues Gallery

I would definitely purchase these to add to the collection. If we can get Trump in a prison jumpsuit, we should be able to get these guys too.

Catherine Pieper

I'd order them. Hey! How about a chess set? Mabie Democrats / Republicans. Or world leaders? 🤷‍♂️ Something fun!

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