The Final Trump Dump

Our newer friends might not know this but, yes, there was a Trump Action Figure once. It's a long story. 

The abbreviated version is that we made him - with removable hair and tiny little hands - for the 2016 election, thinking it would be a funny one-off that would disappear as soon as he lost to Hillary. You know how that turned out. 

Following the election, we declared that we'd donate all profits from Trump's figure to the ACLU and we set about selling them off until they were all gone - never to be produced again.

We thought that was the end of it but, to our chagrin, while cleaning out the office last week, we discovered three last Trumps hiding away in an unmarked box. We'd pledged that we'd never sell them again, but...

There's nothing stopping us from giving them away! So that's what we're going to do. In a raffle.

Want one?

Here's how to enter:

1.  Go to Instagram
2.  Follow us (@fctry)
3.  C
omment #DUMPTRUMP on today's post

Click the link below to get started. We'll announce three winners on Instagram tomorrow.



Congrats to the 3 winners of our last 3 Trump Action Figures: @itsonlymemories@billvaccaro, and @redpandamama!

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Once again, you’ve let me down. Previously, I expressed my interest in acquiring a Trump figure only to be put off. Fair play would have you contact everyone who previously expressed such an interest, but I missed the opportunity to compete for the three found figures. Nevertheless, I’ll keep watching your site in the event that you reconsider. Like if or not Trump is a figure to be reckoned with (I don’t like him either). He is a political phenomenon who continues to shape American politics and culture. When you do reissue a Trump figure, however reluctantly, I’ll pay for one or donate to the ACLU or any other liberal cause you prefer.


Some of us found your site and figures long after you stopped making the Trump figure. We will never be able to complete our collection until you produce him again. If you bring him back you could use the amount you give to charity to benefit a worthy cause such as the environment effort. I do love your product.

Christopher Teader

If you’re taking suggestions for new action figures…how about the great John Lewis? He would certainly rate the honor.

Dean X Hernandez

Need more Trump Action Figures

Jacyci kraynek

I have Trump. And Hillary. And limited edition pelosi. But the more you make the less valuable they are. How bout some more limited editions

David Scott

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