It's Showtime!

After an eternity of waiting, we're finally gonna get to see a Trump trial. Fine, maybe it's not the one we were waiting for -  but it's a trial nonetheless. And it's actually happening.

We thought it would be fun to make it a little more... interactive. So we've come up with a game so we can all play along together!

It's super easy. Just choose answers to the three questions below. Then, once the trial is over we'll take the names of everyone who got all 3 questions right, throw them into a virtual hat and pick out a grand prize* winner.

Ok. Time to take the quiz!


*The Grand Prize will be something not all that grand, if we're being honest. Probably an action figure or two of your choice. Or us saying something witty about you on social media.

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If he wasn’t who he is, he’d be in jail already. Most of us don’t have millions of gullible simpletons sending us their social security checks to pay for legal defense, and most of us don’t have judges we’ve appointed who can give us an easy ride (as he’s getting in Florida and on the Supreme Court).


Personally none of this would be going on if Trump wasn't running for President. If he stayed in his businessman lane this waste of taxpayer dollars would NOT be going on!


Send him to GTMO for the safety of the United States and of the world.


Unfortunately, he most likely won’t get prison time, because what are they going to do, send the Secret Service to prison too. Maybe they can put him on house arrest and take away all his computers and cell phones. They can have the Secret Service do pat downs when any of his family visits to make sure they don’t smuggle in the laptops or cellphones. Since he has to have Secret Service guarding him due to being an ex-president, they can guard him at his apartment. No Mar-a-lago for him because there’s just too many people around! 😂


I love you guys! It would be great to have more action figures like Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels 💜😘


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