Nancy Pelosi Needs A Cause

Whenever we launch a new action figure, we also choose a non-profit cause to align it with. Throughout the launch, we'll donate $1 for every figure sold to support this cause.

As you may know, it's Nancy Pelosi's turn to be immortalized in plastic. She'll be launching on Kickstarter soon and the time has come to choose a cause for her.

The idea is to choose something that really embodies Pelosi's spirit. When possible, we also prefer to work with smaller organizations because, well, we're a small organization too. And action figures are inherently small, so it just kind of fits. But we digress.

Anyhow, using those criteria, we've narrowed down the field to three worthy causes but, in true democratic fashion, we're leaving the final decision to you, the voter.

Please read the summaries of the 'candidates' below. When you're done, you can cast your ballot on the bottom of the page. It will literally take about two seconds.

Meet the Candidates

 She's the First

She's the First fights for a world where every girl chooses her own future. We team up with local organizations to make sure girls are educated, respected, and heard.
 "We find, fund, and support solutions that not only educate and empower girls but also build up the communities where they are able to flourish. "
Full Disclosure: We partnered with them previously, when we launched RBG.

 League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

 She Should Run

She Should Run is a nonpartisan nonprofit working to dramatically increase the number of women considering a run for public office.

"We motivate women from all walks of life to explore the possibility of public office by identifying and tackling the barriers to elected leadership. We do this through data-driven content, education, and collective action." 

Now that you're informed, it's time to vote! Cast your ballot below.


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uxenutebadi October 05, 2022

When will new figures Nancy Pelosi and Dr. Fauci. Tired of this waiting.

Sharon Taylor October 05, 2022

Waiting for the new action figure.

Sharon Taylor October 05, 2022

All your action figures are awesome. Will you make more for Elizabeth, Bernie and AOC please? Just bought my first, RGB, and now I want to order all my favs. Thank you for your community donations and your wonderfully designed liberal action figures.

Alix October 05, 2022


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lPjkeTKMo October 05, 2022

We NEED Michele Obama! Please make a beautiful strong woman just like Michele. Also, I was disappointed in Kamala’s outfit. You couldn’t do better than a grey skirt suit??!!!
Also, does Pelosi come with the wig of trump hair in the picture? Hope so!!!

Keep up the good work!

Carol Larson October 05, 2022

I would love to see a Michelle O’bama action figure and She’s the First Organization would be great for her

Gail Schuck October 05, 2022


SYAHMFWEoq October 05, 2022


ySezNLIoH October 05, 2022

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