Bernie’s Besties

Beautiful Paper Dolls for Hardcore Liberals, featuring Killer Mike, Liz Warren, Mark Ruffalo and Ruth Bader Ginsburg

And, like all the best things in life, they’re free.

Back at the end of February, we launched the Bernie Sanders Action Figure Kickstarter campaign with modest expectations. Our goal was to reach $15,000 to fund the production of an action figure based on the sculpture by artist Mike Leavitt. The response to the Kickstarter campaign was overwhelming as we smashed through our original goal in the first day.

The enthusiasm and support for the Kickstarter campaign was so great that we had to throw in a few treats for all the love. We promised a series of stretch goal rewards for every major milestone in our campaign’s funding. 20 volunteer hours for Bernie’s campaign, planter signs, Red Hot Bernies, and Bernie lapel pins were among the rewards that were proposed. All, but the final goal of 20 more volunteer hours were attained with the Kickstarter campaign’s final amount raised: $248,063

The Bernie’s Besties Paper Dolls are here to celebrate surpassing our $190K stretch goal. We picked a handful of iconic faces associated with Bernie’s campaign and political philosophy. Save the environment with Mark Ruffalo or tear down Wall Street with Elizabeth Warren. Rally a grassroots movement with Killer Mike or strike down regressive laws with the notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Bored with just paper? Here’s some ideas to get your Bernie’s Besties adventures started.

Sticker paper
Add to your ’90s sticker collection by printing them out on sticker paper.

Magnet sheets
Feeling more nomadic? Magnet sheets are available at your local office supply or arts and craft store for a less permanent option than sticker paper.

Mod Podge
Mod Podge is a godsend to DIYers everywhere. Its a clear sealant that’ll allow you to adorn any frame, mug, or chest with your favorite Bernie’s Bestie. Just print with regular paper and slather on that Mod Podge. 

Fabric Paper
You can take the doll in paper doll a step further by printing out on fabric paper. Cut it out with a matching backing piece, stuff it then sew it up for a more huggable version.


Let us know how you’ll be playing with your Paper Dolls by tagging us @fctry!

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i want all of the paper dolls asap awesome

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