Nevertheless, She Dissented Action Figure Set

Nevertheless, She Dissented Action Figure Set


A duo you can't #resist.

Whatever your take is on RBG, it's clear that she's become a progressive icon - and we're all about progressive icons! So in June, we took to Kickstarter to launch our new RBG Action Figure.

To say she was well-received would be a bit of an understatement. With the help of over 15,000 backers, she became the #1 Project on all of Kickstarter. (Guess she can add that to her already-ridiculously-impressive resumé of accomplishments.)

        Here is what you can expect:

        • 1 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Action Figure + 1 Elizabeth Warren Action Figure
        • Six inches tall. The perfect size for all uses; whether you want to keep them on your desk for all to see or bring them out on adventures!
        • Picture perfect. You are going to want to shoot pictures of them so we designed the figures with that in mind. They have picture perfect expressions, stand on any flat surface, and can be posed for any occasion.
        • Open the box! No need to worry about whether or not to open the packaging. We've designed it to insure that you can easily take the figure in and out of the display box without ruining its mint condition. 


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 19 reviews
        You folks rock.

        I love the figures. I have Bernie, Elizabeth & RBG, Hoping for Mayor Pete & AOC figures.

        Fun and inspirational

        I have so much admiration for those amazing women like RBG and Elizabeth Warren who have served our country, and especially its women, so well for decades. I will display these in my home and share them with neighborhood children, telling about their lives and achievements. I'm also thinking there are several more of your women, and men, that should be added to my new collection.


        When these ladies arrived, I couldn't open the package quickly enough. The workmanship is amazing. I thought the pictures were good, but the actual figures are even better than the pictures. I will be adding to my collection soon! Now I want Mueller, Harris, Sanders, and Obama, and cannot wait for AOC!!!


        Great product! Looking forward to the Mueller figure.

        Love this!

        I'm a founding member of the Uppity Women's Society. It's nice to see sisters applauded this way.