The Better Times Bundle
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The Better Times Bundle

The Better Times Bundle



Shipping in November 2018.

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign and the incredible talents of sculptor Mike Leavitt, we've turned Elizabeth Warren and an older, wiser version of President Obama into the newest

Real Life Action Figures. 

Whether you're nostalgic the good old days of 2015 or dreaming of a brighter tomorrow, this pair of political superfriends ought to help power you through the next few years -- or at least provide you with a pleasant, escapist distraction.

The Better Times Bundle contains two action figures - Elizabeth Warren and Post-Presidency Obama - for a discounted price.

About the action figures:

  • Six inches tall. The perfect size for all uses; whether you want to keep them on your desk for all to see or bring them out on adventures!
  • Picture perfect. You are going to want to shoot pictures of her so we designed the figures with that in mind. They have picture perfect expressions, stand on any flat surface, and can be posed for any occasion.
  • Open the box! No need to worry about whether or not to open the packaging. We've designed it to insure that you can easily take the figure in and out of the display box without ruining its mint condition.

 A couple of notes on Pre-ordering: 

  • Orders will ship in November of 2018 
  • Your card will be charged now but you can cancel your preorder any time before it ships, no questions asked and it will be fully refunded. 
  • Orders will ship complete, meaning that if you order Obama along with, say, Warren both Obama and Warren will be shipped in November. We won't send Warren now. (sorry, we've tried the other way before and it's just too complicated.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love them!

Loved my Obama & Warren combo pack!! Best part is you get the free shipping for being them together! Mine will sit comfortably in their cardboard home

Garage Band

Bernie, Barack & Elizabeth are starting a Garage Band

Ringing in the New Year

January 8th & Barack, Elizabeth Warren & Bernie are still partying....Guess it's time to shut this party down There's work to be done!

Elizabeth hearts Barack - a four year old's take

Got these for my politically savvy granddaughter and they're great but she has instituted an extramarital affair between these two. Don't know Elizabeth's life partner but would love a Michelle Obama doll so Barack doesn't have to stray, lol. Well, would love a Michelle Obama doll because I heart Michelle Obama and it would be cool but the story's true.

I got every single action figure love them

I just got my last 2 figures Elizabeth Warren and Obama .love them.

We're happy that you Love 'em as much as we do.:) Have a great day!