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Good quality. Great detail.

Great figure

I love all the figures I just got from Fctry. Hillary looks just like Hillary. It’s made well and will last for years. Thank you for a great product.

Bernie is perfect!

Bernie arrived yesterday and he's perfect!!! I bought this for my daughter for Xmas. She's a huge Bernie fan and I just know this will be one her gifts that she shows off to everyone..

Ode to My Robert Mueller Action Figure

Oh beautiful, with piercing eyes/ And lawyerly disdain
He's Do or Die/with dark blue tie/ Let Justice Fall Like Rain!
Bob Mueller Doll/Bob Mueller Doll/ I Put My Faith in Thee!
Those Russian Thugs/You've Sqaushed Like Bugs
To Save Democracy!

Wonderful People

Very Nice, but I’m missing Hillary! I have Obama, Bernie, Kamela, Warren, & Ruth.

need more

these will make great gifts !!

Nice Robert Mueller action figure but . . .

Nice Robert Mueller action figure but . . . couldn't you have figured, Robert, how to take that fucker down, all the way, down?

Great likeness - thanks for movable arms - gr8 for posing

Obama Action Figure

Love him.

Great purchase with discount

I really love my figures and keep them for my hobby. The are in wonderful quality and arrived quickly. I leave mine in the boxes for now.

Love it

I saw this on kyle's show and had to find one for myself. I bought 2. God bless Bernie ❀


Love this figure. The detail is amazing.

A nice gift done well

Great gift for friends and family one of a kind and relevant thanks for the help in making a political statement

Love the leader of the Pantsuit nation

She's been an inspiration for generations of women. I am pleased that I have a mini version of her in home to hang out with my other Fctry figures. They make a splendid team, all wanting to make the world a better place.

Looks great!

Can't wait to stuff them into stockings!

Head turner

I used mine at Biltmore Estate one day. Was asked many times if it could be purchased there. Unique, fun, totally functional. LOVE it!

Pretty good

To me, the mouth area doesn't look quite right. Bur still a good figure.

She is my spirit animal.

Great product and quality tattoos.

These action figures make me so happy.

My wife asked for a new president for Christmas. I hope all such wishes can be granted this easily <3 Can't wait to give her Elizabeth Warren!

Joe Biden Figure

Great piece of work!

Great figure

This was a godsend

Love Bernie Sanders

I love that we finally have "Real People" Action Figures of our Heroins and Heroes. I love the entire collection!

Love Fctry!

Great action figures, inspiring lineup! Gonna keep these 2 righteous women close to me as I vote in both my countries!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Cutest little key chain

I love Gummy Bears and I love this keychain. Bought another to gift also.


Very happy with this purchase.