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Fantastic Obama!

So real, so lifelike, and he pairs so well with evil Trump. They really nailed the fascial features and everything

Little Hands and All

I love it! It looks so lifelike especially with the little hands and the orange skin tone. They nailed it, even down to the gold box! He goes well with RGB and Obama. Yuge props to Fctry for this one!

Awesome collection

It helps get you through the dark times knowing that Barack, Bernie and the divas of democracy are standing by. Bring on the next round!!

Loved it!

Super fast delivery and exactly as advertised.

Love my figures!

I love my figures! Such amazing quality. I can't wait to add them to my collection!

Love Obama!

I love President Obama and am so happy to have an action figure to remember him by. As action figures go, it's a good likeness.


Awesome; and I miss him..

Love Evil Trump

Great quality figures. Great likeness of Trump standing up for America and telling Dems to F off. Best one yet.

I adore the Warren Persistence Figure

Senator Warren has been a wonderful leader in academia, the Senate, and perhaps soon the Oval Office. The action figure (and the perfect tagline) is a welcome addition to me collection.

Evil Trump v RBG

No Contest

New Pope

I prefer the New Pope to Pope Classic.

Love my Dream Team!

The Obama and RBG action figures are well made and look great! Highly recommend them! Quick shipment. The gavel for RBG is a little difficult to plac in her hand but if you hold as far low on the gavel as possible and firmly press the gavel into the hand it will slowly but surely slide in.

Elizabeth 2020

Awesome figure. I got it as a Christmas present for my wife and had to wait to review itr due to holiday timing issues. The figure is superb. Good quality and a great likeness.

My ray of sunshine

I know he's not coming back, but at least he lives on my desk.

These figures are ART! Wicked fun ART!

No one is more qualified than I am to review a novelty product. I decorate my house with inexpensive fun items like this Obama Action Figure. There are almost 100 "Grow-Your-Own" toys push-pinned into my front hall wall. For 20 years I have collected fun and funky butter dishes, and all 334 of them are displayed in my small dining room and kitchen. Among the other political stuff I have collected for a gazillion years, there is a Ronald Reagan teapot, a "Smush Bush" squeeze guy, and a Trump toilet brush. This stuff makes me happy!

The difference between most of my silly stuff and the FCTRY action figures is that I can play with these! I have only collected a few, but I love that I can easily remove Obama and Trump from their boxes and have them duke it out with each other on the coffee table. They easily return to their packaging and look brand new again. The artist who designed these figures has brilliantly created images that are respectable and true to the characteristics of each subject. Trump probably would love that his figure's middle finger is up, and he probably wouldn't notice that the finger is attached to teeny tiny hands. I noticed! Obama's left hand sports a wedding ring. Trump's does not. Figures. Fun figures. LOVE THESE FIGURES! NEED MORE FIGURES. Putin? Kim Jong Un? Melania wearing an "I don't care" jacket? Jared and Ivanka, combined into one figure, Javanka-style? Joe Biden!

So, yeah, no bout a-doubt it! The Obama Action Figure is AWESOME!

Best ever!

I love my RBG and Obama. My dog is a little afraid of them though. I did have one slight problem in that Ruth’s gavel is hard to put in her hand. And when my daughter did, she broke the gavel. It’s still in place but very delicate.

Hey Maggie! So sorry to hear RBG's gavel broke! Check your inbox for a message from us and we'll replace it ASAP. We want to make sure Ruth is heard loud and clear!
Exactly what I wanted

These were perfect and arrived quickly.

Obama and RBG action figures

So detailed. Fun!

Awesome Threesome

I’m glad that I ordered the Triple Threat Action Set. It represents the struggle of women to be equal. In keeping with that theme, I hope you make more action figures such as Gloria Steinman, Nancy Pelosi, and Susan B Anthony available.

Dream Team

I bought all 5...LOVE everyone of them...Keep the collection going.
I have RBG on my dash like some people of the figure of Christ watching over their driving
It must be working...So far no accidents

Love her and you guys do an amazing job.
One day I’ll get clever to post pictures of all my action figures doing something great


Hope the recipient liked the power couple as much as I liked sending them. Will never know unless the Secret Service knocks on my front door.

They were sent to Donald Trump, POtuS-45.

Love my purchase

Can’t say enough good things about my purchase.

Items perfect, shipping perfect.

Just bought more items.

Loving them!

These are great! RBG is spot on ... Obama, not so much but still fun to have.

Keeping me on the straight and narrow

RBG came today and I installed her on my desk. She's looking at me with that LOOK - I'll have to keep myself on the straight and narrow now! No waffling. No giving in.