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The Dream Team

Keepin the dream alive. Warren is coming up next.

Ode to Obama

Shit, we Really miss you. Amen,

Love it, but...

...wish the face looked more like the Real Thing. The hair and pant suit are perfect, though!


This action figure looks exactly like Elizabeth Warren. Every detail so good. She’s my favorite, right behind RBG. Thanks again, fctry!

RBG forever!

I gave RBG to my posse of friends so we could help keep her alive forever! We all shared pics of RBG living in our homes, protected forever, but this is my favorite snap.

Bought as a gift, It was received very well

A very delightful unveiling filled with exclamations of disbelief. A really perfect fall birthday gift a lover of shiny things, rainbows and sequins.

Love them!

I love my action figures. I have RBG, Bernie, and Elizabeth so far. After the hassle of defending my Bernie from all the people who offered to give him a good home, I decided to get 2 of the RBG + Elizabeth models. I unboxed my first set in public and immediately had takers clamoring after the second set.
Good work, FCTRY.

LOVE My RBG and Elizabeth Warren Action Figures

My husband contributed to the kickstarter program for both the RBG and Elizabeth Warren figures, and bought them for my birthday back in October. I still haven't removed them from their boxes, because I want to keep them pristine. --- That will change soon, though, as they deserve to be seen in as many places as possible. - Perfection, both of them. Such a great idea. I had to laugh at the age appropriate numbers on them. One being for 3+ and one being 14+. Frankly, I think their age-appropriate for all ages. Great gifts for everyone; boys, girls, young, and old.

Very cool!

Will be the envy of everyone on a gloomy, rainy day.

Love my Notorious RBG

I bought mine a while ago before they were out because I trusted that they'd be good. It's a great figure. She is one of my heroes, and I am sad that she is in the hospital today. We need to hope she stays notorious for us! Thanks for a good item that everyone sees when they enter my place.

Love all of my super heros

I love all of my superheroes. The shipping was great. The company kept in touch as the items were being shipped. I love them so much, and so do visitors to my home.

He's perfect!

I need more. One for home, office.... I imagine he would be good luck in my car....


Only in America would such a LEFT leaning website offer an action figure of who will undoubtedly go down as the GREATEST President ever elected...I bought 4...MAGA!!!!!

Love my Pope

He arrived on time and is looking good -
Live all the figurines you have come up with and love the concept.

Should have bought two!

We love this but should have bought two of them! One to keep and one for our son to play with

So pretty!

It’s so pretty guys! It looks EXACTLY alike the pictures. It does stick a little when I close it, but it’s nothing I care about. It’s super sturdy also, which is what I was looking for. Pretty and high quality, what more could you want?

Very Impressed

bought the family package of RBG [6 total] for Christmas gifts for my buds and can't wait to see how happy they will be. Just love the quality.

Wonderful action figure

I really enjoy having the Pope Francis action figure. I have other political figures as well and they are all fun!

Warren and RBG

Great little figures.
Will join my collection of Hillary, Obama, and Bernie!

Great Prodct

Very happy with all the products. Well made.

Beary Good!

This bear is really plugged in! Oh yes my friends or makes the blues go out the door.

Nevertheless, she got the action figure

This is my senator, a point of pride, and I had been smiling at t hi is action figure in a local store for the better part of a year when a dreadful thought came to me: what if one day there was no more wonderful mini-Warren when I came in, and no more smiling at her each time? Overwhelmed and already having a bad day, I acquired my real life action figure of Senator Warren and lovingly brought her home to display next to my prized possessions. She's amazing and will probably come to vote with me on Tuesday. Just ordered my very own Obama and a few of my ultimate hero RGB for personal and gifting both, very excited.

Oh -- my Warren figure was a birthday present for myself on our shared birthday, and I must say I outdid myself on a gift. I like to think she would appreciate it too.

Good Karma

This is fine replica of an important person working hard to improve the world.

Smile Maker

Love the 5 total Notorious RBG action figures I purchased! Perfect stocking stuffers for my family and popular with my friends. Grateful for this ray of sunshine in these trying times.

Hours of fun!

Fun and therapeutic,too! We have dangled him over the toilet bowl, imprisoned him in a playpen (cage) and (see below) exposed him to n intervention. Would have given 5 stars if waist and legs were bendable : )