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Dynamic duo

RGB and Warren, both figures are very cool. Love that you are celebrating strong women. I'll be visiting this site again for more super heros and maybe even that orange guy that's playing the president.

Bernie and Elizabeth



Love this umbrella. Makes life more glam, more fab, more worth getting up out of bed. Functional pop with the press of a button and a nice wide umbrella to keep your booty and minions dry too. <3

I include her in all my seasonal decorations.
Presently, she is the Queen of my Pumkin patch.

Bernie and Obama

I love these action figures, they make me smile every time I see them. I have the original President Obama and the Bernie action figure in my classroom. My scholars (9th grade art) often ask if I will give them the Obama action figure. My stock answer is that I can give them the website where they can order their own. (Unfortunately no takers yet) My school is a Title 1 and 90% children of color. They ask who the other guy is and when I say Bernie Sanders, they smile and say "That's cool Miss, I wish he had won." Me Too. Then I get the opportunity to tell them I was a state delegate for Bernie Sanders and explain about how the election process works. These figures are great conversation starters and help build a connection with my scholars! Sometimes I wish I were a US Government teacher.

Love all of these, but....


He's MY man!!!

President Obama arrived safe and sound. I feel better just having him in my house!


It's prettier, sturdier, and even more glorious in real life. Do it -- you're worth it! Now, if it would only rain.

I love RBG!

I love RBG and ordered a six-pack and gave most away. (Unfortunately my/her gavel also broke but I never thought to ask for a new one. Can I/she get a new gavel?) Thanks!

Billie Jean King's addition to a classroom

I'm a history teacher and have several action figures from women in history hanging on one of my whiteboards (including RBG!). My students commented on my latest addition and asked me who she was. It was a great way to incorporate the awesomeness of BJK into my class. I love FCTRY's work! I wish my paycheck could afford all of them at once!


I love having RBG watching over the house!! She's an iconic figure, and having her action figure as a reminder of her makes my day. Unfortunately, my gavel broke, too. We were gentle, I swear!!


My granddaughter adores Elizabeth Warren so I bought this for an upcoming hidden treasure hunt. She will love it and add it to her collection of Women Super heroes!

Very nice

The tattoos are very nice. I was well pleased and satisfied. Thank you.


Love dealing with you. Shipping is fast. they are 3 of the most amazing people in my lifetime, so it’s great hanging out with them at work.

Love it!


I put her right next to my mayor Willie Brown bobblehead doll.


Great artwork and it goes great with my collection. #Obama-Biden Democrats

Not compatible with GI Joe!

Be very careful using this with any GI Joe figure - she may break them!

Great service

I love my little Elizabeth Warren. She's perfect. I also have a Bernie Doll and he also is perfect

Love it

This figure is perfect, great quality. I can't wait to give it to my grandson. In the meantime I can look at it and remember better times.

I can't believe I bought this

It's fine. I ordered it. Can't believe I did. It's a great figure. Makes me chuckle that I actually sent for this. The things we do as adults sometimes. :)

Love these action figures

I got a Bernie Sanders action figure in 2016, so decided to get these as well. One thing I love about this company's products is that they actually LOOK like the people they're supposed to look like. The RBG figure is perfectf, down to her little gavel. The Elizabeth Warren figure is almost perfect -- the left earring (at least on the one I got) isn't colored in, so it looks like she's only wearing one. Otherwise, though, I love her, too.
They are now standing proudly on my shelf with Bernie.

Bernie figure

Looks even better than the advertised image! I love this figure..........captures him perfectly. Legs don't move but the arms and head do.

Highly satisfied, and at a bargain!

The figures and packaging were in perfect condition, and they look great! Shipping was super fast. They are a wonderful addition to my collection. I have shopped with FCTRY before, and I definitely will again in the future. These are great gift ideas for politics nerds (like most of my friends), and they are also cute display items for work spaces or bookshelves.