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Great figure! Still waiting on Dr. Fauci! :-)

The Greatest President of Modern History

Ok, this is an action figure! I'm in!


Love my figurines! Barack, Kamila and Joe. They are sitting on my desk while I work all day and inspire me!

5th generation



My action figure just arrived, and he does not disappoint! The removable mask is a tiny work of art. The background in the box is also nice detail.


My collection is complete (so far, till you guys make more)!! I have my phenomenal and awe inspiring women and men to look up to at work!

Bernie Sanders Action figure

Hi, I have received the Bernie Sanders action figure and I'm very pleased with it. The features of his face are spot on. I am excited to add him to my collection of Political figures.
Thanks so much!

Dr. Fauci Rocks!

I love love love Dr. Fauci. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful likeness of my hero. Here he is chatting with the marvelous RBG!! Love them both. Great job!

Welcome home, Obama !

Yes, I have missed Obama! This action figure is awesome. Well done by the artist. Jointed at the elbows, and his head can turn. And he stands upright, no problem at all. So are all the other FCTRY action figures in my collection. All well portrayed by the artist. It all started when a friend gave me RBG as a gift. She also purchased RBG for herself. So impressed when I visited the website and saw the others. I purchased more. Pelosi arrived the other day. Waiting for the Fauci pre-order, also a gift from the same friend. They are not properly displayed right now, redoing my home office. Plan to post a photo or two when office is done is they can be displayed. The FCTRY crew certainly brightens my day. A much needed relief. Thank you!


Dr. Fauci just arrived and he absolutely made my day! I did not realize he would have a mask and am thrilled that it is removable. Very good quality. Will last forever. :) Thank you!!

Great figurine!

I love this one of former President Obama. His hair color did indeed change as we were told(for those keeping up-lol) and I love having this one. You won’t go wrong with this one-same good structural features.

RGB Action figure

Hi, I am very pleased to tell you that I really love my RGB action figure. Her features are really spot on!

Thank you so much!

Bromance Bundle

Hi, the bromance pair is everything thing that I thought it would be. You have really captured the features of Biden and Obama. I'm very pleased with my purchase.
Thanks so much!


RBG is my hero, and this is my favorite figure so far. Thank you, Fctry, for offering these small works of art!

Love her!

AOC is a great addition to my collection. Thanks!

I love these. I want more!

These are perfect with my political collection. They are very well made. I have encouraged them to make more; Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a Hillary and Bill set with her wearing the white outfit she wore the night she made history accepting the Democratic Nomination for POTUS. Other ideas, Harriet Tubman, M.L.K., Bobby and John Kennedy, Sojourner Truth, Fanny Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, etc. I hope they can expand their work... think big! I would recommend these figures to anyone who loves Democratic politics and civil rights.

Cheers, Dr. Fauci! Awesome job again, FCTRY!

He’s GroOVy! Luv all the intricate details of this action figure of Dr. Fauci.

I always wanted to drink a beer with one of my favorite Superheroes of “real life” Science!

Thanks for your service, dedication, and bravery in support of science and public health, Dr. Fauci!

Love My FCTRY figures!

Proud Democrat that I am...These figures couldn't make me happier. Barack looks great. I anxiously await my preorder of Dr. Fauci and Nancy Pelosi!


Love these so much! I ordered two of every one you had in stock including RBG, Obama, AOC, Pelosi, Joe, Kamala, Bernie, Fauci, Elizabeth Warren and the Pope for moral support for Joe. I kept a set and gave a duplicate set to my daughter-in-law. I would love Michelle and Hillary. Keep them coming...I want to have my own DNC soon!

Looks great on the mantle

Easy purchase. Barack looks great on the mantle next to the notorious RBG!

The O’Bidens

Obama & Biden together again! Perfectly designed figures. Happy to add them to my collection. Keep ‘em coming.

He’s adorable

Not too much movement but arms, hands & head move and he is adorable in his lab coat with removable mask! He was worth the wait (I bought the Kickstarter version). Well worth the money for a hero to remember 2020 by.

Obama Action Figure

I received my Obama action figure and I absolutely love it! FCTRY does a great job creating the action figures and they have a remarkable resemblance of the actual politician. Keep up the great work, I almost have a complete collection. Just need to add TRUMP.

We now have 2 RGBs

We got one a year ago and LOVED her. I immediately took her out of the box and my husband seemed a little sad about it. so we got another so he can have his in a box.. we JUST LOVE these little guys. Definitely will get more..

These make me so happy

I absolutely adore these action figures.... Obama just arrived and still waiting for Dr. Fauci to join the group 🥰