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Still With Her

I spent so much time campaigning for HRC and dreaming about her presidency, I am glad I still get to be with her in my classroom. This action figure (complete with signature pantsuit) helps me and my students remember that fighting for what is right is always worth it.

Top notch quality, super fun, and powerful.

I was an early adopter, got the Obama figure (early and late), Hillary, RBG, and now Harris and Warren. So much fun to collect my heros!
The figures are a wonderful likeness of each person, really capturing something about them. Of course, when I recently saw EWarren speak, she was wearing the same outfit as her figure!

Love my Bernie figure

But now I need a Yang one!

Let's play debate stage in Iowa

I have purchased all of the FCTRY action figures and they are all wonderful. I own a wine bar in a small town in Iowa. The action figures are always available for the customers to play with. Now that Iowa is awash in candidates and lively discussion, they are especially fun. I have had a few obscene combinations, but mostly people like to have the Dems beat up on Trump. (and rip his hair off :-) I don't have a recent one including Joe, but I'll attach a photo of a the curtain call. BTW: My local Elizabeth Warren rep says the she really enjoys signing these action figures after her rallies. How cool is that?
Keep up the good work! Any hope for a Mayor Pete???

She’s Great!

She’s a little bigger than I expected and her head is slightly disproportionate; however, the details, down to the suede blue Adidas is perfect. Love it!

Strong, Intelligent Woman

It never hurts to have another strong, intelligent woman in the classroom to make us raise our game. Kamala stands on a shelf behind my desk (facing the room) to remind me (and the other blossoming strong, intelligent women in the room) that it is okay to be a female and a badass, and we can each make a difference.

Presidential Supervision of My Classroom

I have President Obama on a shelf behind my desk, facing my classroom. I am grateful to have such a trustworthy back-up watching my students (Psst: We teachers don't really have eyes in the back of our heads... Don't tell the kids!). I appreciate knowing he is keeping us as safe as a little plastic guy can. I miss our President very much, but am glad I can at least have his action figure still watching my back and, I am sure, the backs of all the nation (as far as his little plastic eyes can see).

One of the best ones yet!

Great likeness and expression - great figure!


Billie Jean’s action figure is adorable. Great gift for any tennis lover!


Another great action figure for the collection.

So cool

Looks beautiful. Works well. Lots of 'Oooo' factor

BJK action figure

Arrive quickly - great product.


Of course I love it (her), she would have been a better choice than what we have now.


Just having KHarris and EWarren is comforting. Their strength, brilliance, tenacity, ... love these political warriors! need Michelle Obama...Sonia Sotomayor, ... AOC... keep going!

Superstar Feminist BJK!!

BJK was one of my first feminist hero's as a girl. Love having her as an action figure in my home!

Perfect for office!

I bought this to go next to my RBG action figure. I’ve had it for three days and have already had a ton of compliments! It is a great size, quality and so cool!

Strong Silent Type

He’s not going to say much, but just looking at him gives bad guys the willies.

My 4th FCTRY Doll.

I highly recommend BJK, RBG, HRC & President Kamala. :)

Good job

Great turn around on shipping. Arrived in great shape.

Great Gift Idea

Adorable. Looks just like the picture. Great gift for the tennis enthusiast!

Fun item

Love this, please make more of the Candidates

Mayor PETE!!!

Go, Elizabeth!

I love having this miniature model of my favorite strong, smart, uppity woman political leader on my shelf next to my favorite strong, smart, uppity woman jurist! They are daily reminders of how far we have come and how hard all of us must work to get the job done. Thanks, FCTRY, for making these great little models of our greatest women!

Another Great Figure (Literally and Figuratively)

Once again you have captured the essence of a true American hero. I don't know how you do it but the detail is uncanny. Keep these great figures coming.

Having this action figure in my home helps me through these times

Whenever I get my fill of the garbage put out by our lousy president (a very quick process), I turn to the figure I have of our last legitimate president who never had a single scandal besmirch his name.
To quote Shakespeare, "For this relief, much thanks."


Excellent likeness of Joe Biden. All FCTRY action figures are true to the likeness of the real person. The Joe Biden figure is suitable for any white house or rose garden!