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I wish the weight was more realistic. Trump has a huge stomach, which he tries to hide with extra long ties, and big butt.

Prettiest, strongest umbrella you will ever own.

Great customer service. Grace was quick to respond, and very professional. The umbrella is gorgeous, and is a good, sturdy quality. I can't wait to use it in the rain! The spring loaded mechanism won't open unless I turn it upside down and let gravity help separate the material from itself, but then it opens right up. Not a big deal, it still earns it's 5 stars for being such a unique, beautiful, high-quality product.
Treat yourself, you deserve it! I promise, you will not be disappointed.

RGB ruling my office

Love my action figure! My only minor complaint is that the gavel broke when I tried to put it in her hand - but other than that, she's amazing :)


My mom got me the kids size for Christmas, figuring out would work because I'm only 5'2". That was not true, as the kids umbrella is truly for a small child. Once we returned it and got the adult size one, it was perfect! I have gotten a compliment on it every time I've taken it out in the rain, and I hang it on the coat rack in my room for a bit of decoration!

The photo here is a screenshot of a video where I was spinning the umbrella. So cool!


Love it!


They don't call them "Texas Longhorns" for nothing. This veritable icon to the west is as recognizable as the quarter horse, the six shooter and the Winchester. A realistic and detailed work of art. I only wish it could have been a steer with the huge horns. Can't decide if I'm going to paint it or not. It's nice as it is.


I absolutely love my umbrella.
It is beautiful and functional.


Got my Bernie action figure the other day. He arrived early and in perfect condition. He looks fabulous. He's as good as the RBG figure is. I was surprised they even got his bald spot right.

So cute!

LOVE MY UMBRELLA, it's been the sunny kind of rainy here and the umbrella has made taking a walk so beautiful.

Feelin’ the Bern

My favorite candidate ever is now gracing the file cabinet in my office. He fits right in there with the Notorius RBG and Pope Frances. Feel The Bern!!!

Important part of history

My husband ordered her for my birthday. I was more than pleased. Love her part in history

RGB smile...

Ordered two, (One for my friend who just landed a law guardian position. After watching the movie and documentary, I wonder if creator of doll ask RBG if she wanted a slight smile, rather than looking so stern? She has a pretty good sense of humor on top of her intelligence and strong moral compass. Just wondering. :)

Bernie Never Sits Still

Bernie is one busy guy...he travels, fights off gigantic fruit, and parties like it’s always St. Paddy’s Day. Really enjoy watching him go!

Thank you!!

Get it, get it!!

Rainy-Day Awesomeness

I can't wait for rainy days now that I have the most awesome umbrella in town! Solidly constructed, this spring-loaded umbrella is easy to open, big enough to provide dry cover, and transparent for safety in addition to just being cool. Love it!

Gift for my mom


I love my holo umbrella

My Holo Umbrella is the happiest, prettiest rainy day gear that I own. I was able to use her the very day after she arrived and she made so many people happy in the gloomy rain. Women and men, alike, were taken by her charms; she got so many compliments. The spring opener needed a little help from me to actually open the umbrella so if that is REALLY important to you, be aware. It didn’t bother me a bit. I love her.

The Bern is Real!

Awesome action figure! Looks so much like Bernie Sanders that we half expected him to jump out of the box and pitch us his platform in his renowned Brooklyn accent! We love these figures so much that we’re ending up with a collection.


Great figure what I was looking for! Shipping was lightning fast!

Was delivered on time and the figure I'd fantastic!

Great Action Figures

Don't hesitate. These are quality likenesses. Also bought the RBG figure. Super fun gifts! Great idea!


Bernie Sanders for President 2020!

Bernie is the best

I love the Bernie Sanders action figure. He stands on a shelf in my living room to help remind me to stay positive!


This rendition of Bernie is excellent. Thanks.

True evil likeness

True evil likeness. I have every intention of having my Mueller figure handcuff this wee plastic bastard when Mueller finally reports! Too bad this tiny handed false idol doesn’t come with an orange jumpsuit.