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Kamala, Zelenskyi, Baiden. Who killed more people? What is the next toy? Hitler? Himmler?

The best purchase this year!

These figures are amazing! I love looking at them and I love all of the cool comments they get when my friends see them. So looking forward to receiving my next order and hopefully new figures coming out.

Great Team

Had to have this Presidential Duo!
Biden has been such a great President with all that he has managed to do in spite of Republicans obstruction and hostility. And Kamala is the first female vice-president who is also a woman of color. Historic moments!

Incredible Speaker of the House

She is a strong woman and was a thoughtful and determined Speaker of the House. I admire her and this action figure is a good addition to my historical figures collection.

True Hero

Great likeness. I admire this man so much. Got the action figure as a piece of history.


Looks just like him. Comes with a mask accessory, of course. Dr Fauci definitely deserves to be in a 'hero' series. His was the voice of reason, sanity and scientific information in a time of illogical, dangerous and ignorant ''leadership''.

AOC Action Figure
Suzanne Lynn

Every time a new action figure arrives I am thrilled. The video shows how I display them in my entry hall. Thank you for making such a fun, meaningful product.

Dr Fauci

Accomplished, well-respected Drs shouldn’t have to deal with deniers as he has!! Happy to have his figure included in the pantheon of contemporary heroes!!


Great likeness, a true hero!!

Dr. Fauci takes his rightful place in small community hospital

I have been a nurse for 28 years including a 3 year stint in hospital during the pandemic. I recently purchase my 2nd FCTRY, Dr. Fauci. He certainly is this nurse's hero. He has a prominent place next to RBG and Zelensky in my office watching over me while I work.
I contributed to your original crowd funding for your first figure RBG. She has followed me to many jobs always sits near me.

Zelensky Action Figure
Proud to have Pres. Zelensky "In the House"!

Great action figure. Only thought is that it would be fun for him to have a removable shirt with a Superman emblem beneath, but that design is probably not too cost effective... 😊

Love it

Love seeing my collection grow!!! Please make one of Sonia Soto Mayor!! She’s La Jefa!!!


Superb. My 16 year old
Granddaughter wants to study medicine because of her respect for Dr Fauci. She loves the doll and has it on her desk

Action figures

Love em all


My entire Fctay collection was lost in a fire, I have been replacing the charecters one at a time. I am so glad they brought back Nancy, now I just need a Hillary. Best collectibles period

Another iconic action figure!

I have a bunch of the action figures (in my office) and all of them are wonderful. Besides the achievements of each person, the product quality of each figure is equally great! The only tiny thing I had a problem with is, is the actual microphone he holds in his hands but then I figured it out … his wrist is movable - problem solved. Onward!

Zelensky Action Figure
Kathleen Balcerzak
Ukraines leader

He’s a perfect example of Zelinski! I’m very happy to add him to my collection!

Zelensky Action Figure
Franklin mccloskey
Zelensky looks so great

love it came out great like all the rest of them. so great to have for this time in history when so much is going on.

Dr. Fauci

Was going to give this to my daughter, a research immunologist, but I can’t give him up! Guess I’ll have to get another one for her….I love seeing Dr. Fauci hanging out in my kitchen with RBG and Zelensky.


Love having Zelensky now hanging out with RBG and Dr. Fauci, reminding me that there are great people who make our world a better place.

Zelensky Action Figure
Leslie Felner

I love my action figure. He joins RBG,Biden,Kamala, Nancy Pelosi and Dr. Fauci. Thank you for offering these true heroes.

RBG Action Figure
Juanda Lowe

The RBG action figure is very detailed and well made. I love it and gave two as gifts. The recipients
were just as impressed with the quality and loved the action figures and proudly display them as do I.

Stacey Abrams Action Figure
Daniel McLaughlin
Great quality

I'm always impressed by how realistic these action figures are. Very well made. Super fast delivery.


I am proud to have Messrs. Biden and Obama in my home. Great representations of these two fine men. Can't wait for my "inmate trump" later this year. Bravo!


I own every single real life action figure from the first "blank" obama to Stacey (and the non political ones) The photo attached is definitely missing some (where is that other box?). They are just fantastic and I'm happy to have been able to support their initial funraising campaigns as well. Keep up the good work! Let's get Drumf in shackles and please go retro with PAST POTUS WJC and "W" ;-)