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Obama Action Figure
Patty Antolic
Thank you for making him look better than the original piece!

I like President Obama a lot and I appreciate all that he has done for our country. He and Michele are special people. Hope to meet them one day.

Dr. Fauci Action Figure
Lisa Bergmann-Smithey
Love Dr. Fauci!

This is the second Dr. Fauci I've ordered because I had to give one as a gift to another fan! He sits proudly on the shelf in my office with Biden, Kamala, Obama, and the rest of the gang!
Thanks, FCTRY! You guys are the best!

Dr. Fauci Action Figure
Jennifer Crowell
Love it

I booth RBG and Fauci and they are sitting on my desk at work. I love them.

RBG Enamel Pin
Frieda Saraga

Love this pin and am wearing it all the time

Really like the Dr Fauci Action Figure

I'm a fan of Fauci and very pleased with the figure. I like that his arms/hands are articulated and the removable mask. I was thinking how cool it would be if his stethoscope was also a separate piece to be tucked in his pocket or put around his neck. Overall it's a great figure and is sitting proudly on display in my home. Thanks for making it.

Love it. Now make a Bill Clinton

Presidential Pair
Barbara Bernheim
Cool duo

Love these action figures!

A rave review!

Bought Fauci doll for my friend (with a crush). It was such a hit!

Dr. Fauci Action Figure
Maggie Brinker
Arbitrary Day

I purchased this for a reddit Arbitrary Day gift. She LOVED it!

Realistic Figures

Pleasure doing business with this Company. Love my figures. Love my RBG pin

Dr. Fauci Action Figure
Daniel Arguello
Dope doll


Very unique gift for the brother who has everything!

Perfect gift for a fellow physician! The removable mask was the “icing on the cake”!

Nancy Pelosi Action Figure
Tomio Denver-Nagano
The perfect gift for any Democrat

I needed to find a gift for my boss, and these were absolutely perfect (I bought both of the Pelosi action figures).
Unfortunately, if you google "pelosi doll" there are some truly heinous and misogynistic products out there. So I was grateful and relived to find these.
The best part is that with just one glance, you instantly know that it's Nancy.
I remember buying Star Wars action figures when I was a kid and being disappointed when the Han Solo figurine looked nothing like Harrison Ford.
But the FCTRY action figures are clearly made with love and care.


AOC Action Figure
scott sprouse

Great products!!!! Very happy with them

I am speaking.

Kamala! Great pin.

Dr. Fauci Action Figure
Catharine Sowards

Dr. Fauci Action Figure

She’s da bomb

Trump never had a chance. This is the woman who had the cojones to get the ACA passed when Obama couldn’t find his. Love the coordinated mask, too!

Dr. Fauci Action Figure
Stuart Williams
Well Crafted Model

Good likeness. Mask is a nice touch

Great background for zoom calls

I have six Action Figures including RBG. I have them displayed on a shelf behind me. They are a great zoom call background. Countless people have asked where I bought them. Have purchased many RBGs and FAUCIs and sent them to clients who have commented on them.

Dr. Fauci Action Figure
Adrienne McMullen

Dr. Fauci Action Figure

Kamala Harris Action Figure
הוד אסייג

She's perfect and I love her as the first woman as Vice President of the United States is just great

Keeping Us Safe

Love Dr. Fauci. Standing up for science and the health of our Nation against misleading information and nay-sayers.

Dr. Fauci Action Figure
Jolene Edmunds

Dr. Fauci Action Figure

Great gift

Dr Fauci was a guest speaker at my daughters college her freshman year (5 years ago) and she has idolized him ever since. She is now applying to masters programs and when I saw this Dr Fauci figure online, I gave it to her as a reminder of her love for science and all her hard work. Her 1st interview included the question, “if you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would you choose?”. Of course she chose Dr Fauci and the interviewer immediately pulled his Fauci action figure right out of his desk!! He is so well made and the removable mask is an amazing detail! I will definately order more!!

Tiny FAUCI!!

Love this tiny dude of strength and facts. He gets lots of tiny fist bumps!