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Shoddy detail

the Post Presidential Obama figure has greying hair details that look as if someone simply slapped on some glue on each side. No effort at detailing so it looks remotely authentic. Disappointed.

She is awesome

She is the perfect size. She sits on my desk and has already had adventures.

Heroine in Action

I am so pumped to have a perfect addition to my daughters home. Presently rich with guy-type heroic action figures, Ruth will fit right in. NOW, i look forward to the holidays!


I pre-ordered this in August and was told it would ship Mid-October, but I received it yesterday (September 20)! I was so pleasantly surprised to get this a month early, and it is PERFECT. The packaging was sleek and colorful, and I'm saving the box forever. I now want to purchase an RBG for all the young women in my life, and hopefully, this keeps going and takes off! Little girls and boys deserve to see 'action figures' on the shelves of REAL, influential people that they can aspire to be, not just superheroes. I'm excited to see what other icons FCTRY does next (hopefully Malala)...

Worth the wait

I had to wait for my RBG and it was totally worth. Great quality, lots of detail, and all that RBG attitude. Making a list for Christmas!

Dreams do come true!

Kudos to FCTRY on an amazing figure, although the real credit still goes to RBG!

My friends are jealoud

My daughter sent me a wonderful box with a RHB action figure inside. What a thrill! Turns out that one of my friends had hers on order and was so jealous I already had mine.
The rest of my friends are ordering one. So happy to be the first on my block to have this wonderful gift

Elizabeeth Rocks

I love my new action figure...looks like the real thing ;) She stands with RGB by my desk and my co-workers and I enjoy having them as a source of entertainment as well as seeing what other items they can hold. :)

Too cute

I’m a nice Jewish girl who adores Pope Francis. Love my action figure

People asking where to get one

I posted a picture of mine on FB the day I got it, and I've had *lots* of people asking where to get it from! It's great.

Awesome duo!!!

When I saw the figures I knew I had to have them! The people in my office are so jealous! I may need to get a couple more! And yes...those are black Post It notes. : )

Love RBG!

This icon action figure is the bomb.
No other woman gets the credit for strength, integrity, truth and duty. All women and girls alike should have one of these!

Perfect. Just what I expected.

These came out really well. I ordered two originally, and just went back and ordered two more so I could give them as gifts. Any right-minded person in your circle would love one of these!

Excellent product

I love my little Freud. He's well made and quite adorable.


Love RBG, her dissenting collar, and the gavel. Great artwork. Tempted to get a few more!

Love it

The Chalk Flags keyboard cover arrived super fast! It is very stylish and super minimalist. I think it adds just the right touch of character and practicality. Love the touch.


I am so proud to have the NOTORIOUS RBG! Need to get one for my granddaughter now!
Long live the Ruth!

Long may she live!

Long may her legacy live and grow.

I love my little RBG

She is all I hoped for and more! Can’t spell TRUTH without RUTH! She is the best.

She’s amazing!

She just arrived and I love her! My tiny but mighty RBG action figure is adorable, exactly as described and pictured, and will grace my studio with righteous, wise authority and good humor. The gavel handle is delicate so please be careful when sliding it into her hand. Obviously, I’m delighted!

Love her!

Madame Justice arrived, and now she and Hillary are protecting my Mac Mini at home!

I just ordered a second Notorious RBG figure for my office. Although I no longer practice law, she's been an inspiration for me for a long time! At work, she'll stand next to Captain Kirk and keep him in line!


LOVE the figure! Quality, just like the woman herself. Long Live Justice Ginsburg!

A few good reminders

Obama and RBG are standing tall, along with Abigail Adams, no doubt poised to write John or another of the Founding Fathers. Because we can still hope, still dissent, and still be a rational voice even if society writes us off.

what is the size of the doll??

What is the size of the doll??

The RBG Doll size is 6 inches (0.4 lb)