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Joe Biden at My House

Really like the opportunity to have Joe Biden in our home!

Good product

Very pleased with the item purchased.

Lost gavel!

Is there a way to get a replacement for a lost gavel?

Love it!

Good quality, as pictured online. There's no base for the feet. Isn't there supposed to be a little piece of plastic for the feet?

Great product

Except the gavel doesn't fit either of her hands and there's no stand

Love them all

I have these three, plus RBG, Hilary, Obama (1 & 2) I would really like to see a Schiff doll. He’s my hero representing the constitution.

Awesome now if you could only make the other guys as well, you know the good guys! Cause every good villan needs a hero.

I just love Gnomes!

I love gnomes and the rainbow. This item is both!
Great for my collection.

“The Sisterhood of the RBG traveling action figure”

I received my RBG action figure when I was recuperating from a broken ankle from a woman who had just had heart surgery. I have now passed RBG on to a woman battling cancer!
“Be strong and a fighter like Ruth”💪!!!

So many compliments!

I had bought one of these HOLO umbrellas and lost it. Saddened, I found that I could order one online---and that is insurance that you will find the lost one! Which I did. Now I have two! The best part of this bumbershoot, is when looking thorough the umbrella, up to the sky, you see "blue" on a cloudy day. Love it. And apparently strangers love it too, as they give me compliments for my stylish rain gear.

Coup D’etat Bundle

Great products.
Was not disappointed.

The Two Popes

So heavenly, I had to buy another! I have it to my mom. She loves it!


He’s really just the most!!!

Love my Bernie!

This is my third Bernie I’ve purchased! One for me and two as gifts! Have him right by my side when I am faced with watching the news!

This thing is Hilarious!

Great figure! arms move. and looks pretty good.

Love that the packaging has a sight hole to see Bernies Bald head.

Trump 2020!

Rad... just plain rad

Bought one of my own so I would stop stealing my sisters. It’s gorg. I don’t even want to tell you guys how cool it is cause I want us to be the only ones with them. :)

Action Figure Squad

Elizabeth, Pope Francis, and Kamala came in as reinforcements to my squad at work - love them all! Kamala doesn't stand up very well - heels are too small I think. Elizabeth Warren rocks! Now, waiting for a Nancy Pelosi action figure ...

Not Yet Received

I was asked to review the Better Time bundle. I am sure it is wonderful but I have yet to receive an email saying it has shipped. Please keep me posted.

Hi Laura! We're sorry to hear that you still don't have your Better Time Bundle order. I sent you a follow up email for the status of your order.

I love keyboard covers from this site, they always have awesome ones that make you feel like you got a new computer. However, one star is removed because the cover came folded! Months ago they were not folded. Please stop folding the covers it creates a cosmetic and functional issue - don't like the way it looks with the large hump in the middle of the keyboard.

Bernie rules

Really nice looking action figure, no I haven't taken it out of the box. Bernie2020

Bring him back

Bought as a gift for my friend. She squealed when she opened the box. I love these action figures and will be purchasing some for myself.

Doing Billie Jean proud

The perfect balance of character and art for your desk. No wonder Billie Jean King holds it with pride.


Love the umbrella - I am now the coolest kid on the block whenever I use it. I now look forward to rain!

My Christmas Wise People

I use my Bernie, my RBG, and my Elizabeth Warren as my “Wise People” at Christmas time. Love them! Thank you Mike L!!

Well Done

I was very pleased with the details.