Triple Threat Action Figure Set

Triple Threat Action Figure Set


If you don't have a seat at the table, you're probably on the menu.

What's better than one progressive icon? Three progressive icons, obviously. With Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren by her side, RBG has the help she needs to continue smashing that patriarchy. 

In case you missed it, we took to Kickstarter to launch our new RBG Action Figure in June. To say she was well-received is a bit of an understatement—with the help of more than 15,000 backers, she became the #1 Project on all of Kickstarter (guess she can add that to her already ridiculously-impressive resumé of accomplishments).

        Here is what you can expect:

        • 1 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Action Figure + 1 Elizabeth Warren Action Figure + 1 Hillary Clinton Action Figure
        • Six inches tall. The perfect size for all uses; whether you want to keep them on your desk for all to see or bring them out on adventures!
        • Picture perfect. You are going to want to shoot pictures of them so we designed the figures with that in mind. They have picture perfect expressions, stand on any flat surface, and can be posed for any occasion.
        • Open the box! No need to worry about whether or not to open the packaging. We've designed it to ensure that you can easily take the figure in and out of the display box without ruining its mint condition. 

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 13 reviews
        Actual Action Figures!

        A colleague of mine had the RBG and that inspired me to purchase the entire set! The Warren and RBG figures definitely resemble their people; the Hillary Clinton one not so much; they got the pant suit right. Very good quality and come in their own individual boxes. Very happy with purchase! Reasonably priced.

        These dolls are made really well

        I bought the triple threat pack with Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. They are so cool. Very well made and designed. They look just like the real people. I am very happy and glad I bought them. Thank You!

        Love these!

        Bought them for myself. Great quality, arrived in record time! Highly recommend!

        Awesome Threesome

        I’m glad that I ordered the Triple Threat Action Set. It represents the struggle of women to be equal. In keeping with that theme, I hope you make more action figures such as Gloria Steinman, Nancy Pelosi, and Susan B Anthony available.

        Notorious RBG and Allies

        Great Triple Threat set. Got them for my SO who loved them. Wish BHO and Michelle were available to add to the group. Delivery was ridicules! Received in less than 48 hours. So much better than Prime.