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Evil Trump Action Figure

Evil Trump Action Figure


100% of all profit from Drumpf Action Figures will be donated to the ACLU.

We've turned Donald Drumpf into an iconic villain in our action figure line-up. Now we're going to use our little Drumpfs to trump Drumpf!

For more info, read CEO Jason Feinberg's statement

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    Love it. But not...

    I'll own because thats what he is, does! Gives a finger to anyone who doesn't want true freedom, safety, economics, & PUT AMERICA FIRST

    hope my review passes your lib review

    Something even for the Trump supporters

    Kudos to you for coming up with an action figure that even Trump supporters will love! While we Never-Trumpers are horrified and dismayed every time Trump verbally gives the finger to immigrants, African-Americans, China, Mexico, Canada, the entire Free World, Jeff Sessions, the FBI, soldiers who are taken prisoner and tortured, scientists, and, well, facts (to name just a few), Trump supporters can purchase a Trump action figure in celebration every time he does the same thing. While Never-Trumpers point their action figure at the TV news (which might be more often NPR, noted for its journalistic integrity) and say "Oh, NOOOOO!", Trump supporters can point their action figure at the TV news (which would probably be on Fox, NOT noted for any journalistic integrity) and say, "Oh, YEAAAAHH, Donald, go for it!" They'll have so much fun, they'll probably be able to swallow the fact that the ACLU will receive the proceeds.


    Trumpy Grumpy. This figure will go down in history.

    Looks too good!

    The real Drumpf is so much more disgusting than his action figure! It's great that proceeds will go to the ACLU to help the battle. I think the Drumpf re-action figure in my house will have to go through some difficult and dangerous tasks........


    LOVE this! But hands are too big in my opinion, not fitting to actual size!